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21 March 17:30 - 20:30Norrsken House

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Openhack - coding for humanity second meet up will focus on further development of one of the solutions presented at the Stockholm hackathon 2018. 

The idea is to create a way to transfer the data from the cameras to the Raspberry Pi's. It is the first step in a bigger project of creating the custom Raspberry sensor mesh network, that would help the protection of animal life by early detection of poachers in protected areas.

Peace Parks Foundation is an NGO (Non-Government Organization) which operates in ten countries in southern Africa and their objective is to facilitate the establishment of so called transfrontier conservation areas (peace parks) and develop human resources, thereby supporting: sustainable economic development, the conservation of biodiversity and peace and stability in the region. 

This means that Peace Parks Foundation is not only about protecting the rhinos, the holistic approach in the nature conservation efforts focuses on including and developing the human resources for a sustainable future for man and nature both.

Wildlife crime is impacting the region’s people, rural villages neighbouring protected areas have become crime hotspots. Gains from wildlife crime are short-term and at the expense of sustainable wildlife-based initiatives that could secure a more prosperous future.

Do you want to play around with Raspberry Pi's, test your tech skills on a real-life problem, or just learn more about wild crime and how it affects the people in the are? Or maybe just learn more about openhack and what we do? If yes, then this meetup is for you!

You can find the GitHub repository for the solution here

All you need to know

The meetup will be lead by the team that presented the solution at the hackathon together with people from the Peace Parks organisation.  Food and drinks will be cared for. We will have Raspberry Pi's to test and play with.

Bring your computer along with your best problem-solving skills and lets code for humanity!

PS. The meetup will be held in English

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